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Paule Bourbonnais graduated in Arts at UQAM in Environmental Design. In 1995, she opened her first design consulting firm, schlackdesign

With time, several of her achievements will be published in decoration & fashion magazines and newspapers. Appointed to the prestigious "Concours Commerces Design Montréal" for various projects, she became a reference for designers nationwide.

Passionate about radio and television, she began a specialty in communications at the Promédia School of Radio and Television where graduated in 2006.  Since then, she has transmitted her knowledge via radio (Cibl, NRJ), television (Des Idées de Grandeur), writing (Coup de Pouce) and the Web (TC, *reference design). The latter was created with her husband, Olivier Hétu, in 2011.

*reference design has the wind in its sails and has acquired a prestigious array of clients such as the OSM, the Old Port of Montreal, La Fondation maman Dion, Cosentino and the Montreal Science Centre.

While continuing to carry out high-end design projects, such as the Georges St-Pierre condo in Montreal, the Blainvillier Project and the Quintessence, she keeps in touch with art and design enthusiasts through her videos, lectures and articles.


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"Paule Bourbonnais knew from the start, to listen to my needs, to my specific requests, to my tastes, and even to go beyond what I had difficulty expressing, by configuring the rooms so that it is pleasant to live there both in terms of space and look. I really appreciated the attitude of Mrs Bourbonnais, who is enthusiastic and passionate and makes every effort to find a solution to the many problems or challenges which have arisen during this work. She is a team player, who knows how to exercise her leadership smoothly. Without it, the project would not be what it is today, and it would not be as great to live there."




"Paule is an amazing individual. She is a dynamic, young and creative mom. Her tenderness makes her an endearing person always there for others." 




“Paule is a businesswoman and an outstanding artist with a lot of experience. Her help and expertise were invaluable to us, both on simple and more complex projects."




"In addition to having simply brilliant ideas, Paule Boubonnais possesses this rare gift to grasp the essence of her client... Sometimes even what they don’t understand themselves!!! When I got divorced, I had a strong need to rebuild my nest, taking into account my true nature. Thanks to Paule, I discovered new facets of my personality and I now live in a home that looks so much like me! Thank you Paule!"